Recently Funded Projects

2019-2020 Grant Recipients

“Muslim Migrants’ Incorporation and Politics in the United States,” Hajer Al-Faham, PhD student

Public Policy research, Sabrina Arias, PhD student

“Reframing Public Opinion Norms on the Use of Chemical and Nuclear Weapons,” Christopher Blair & Joshua Schwartz, PhD students

“Integrating Migrants and Winning Votes: Evidence from an Anti-Exploitation Campaign in the Italian Fields,” Gemma Dipoppa, PhD student

“The How and Why of Government Expulsions Between 1912 and 2012,” Meghan Garrity, PhD student

Data collection, Julia Gray, Associate Professor

“The Private Sector in Public Service,” Yue Hou, Assistant Professor

“The Domestic Rules Governing the Global Provision of Digital Intelligence,” Rachel Hulvey, PhD student

“Property Rights and Violence in Rural Mexico,” Dorothy Kronick, Assistant Professor                 

“Unmanned and Unequal: Coping with the Gendered Challenges of Drones,” Shira Pindyck, PhD student

“Strategies of Cooperation & Conflict in Israeli-Palestinian Politics,” Nathaniel Shils, PhD student

“Dovish Reputation Theory: When Fighting to Demonstrate Resolve Backfires,” Joshua Schwartz, PhD student

New Approaches to International Security & Cooperation Challenges workshop support, Ryan Brutger, Assistant Professor

ISA workshop support, Julia Gray, Associate Professor

“Voting Aggregation & Fraud in Low-Income Countries,” Guy Grossman, Professor

“Strategic State Framing in International Institutions: Securitization of Climate Politics at the UN,” Sabrina Arias, PhD Student

“Qualitative Investigation of Workers’ Adjustment to Trade Layoffs,” Nicholas Bell, PhD Student

Judith Reppy Institute Workshop on Peace & Conflict, Cornell University, Brian Chao, PhD Student

“The Islamic State: Othering the Self,” Yara Damaj, PhD Student

“How Do Criminal Organizations Expand to New Areas? Electoral Competition, Unprotected Markets & Mass Migration in the North of Italy,” Gemma Dipoppa, PhD Student

"Mass Expulsion: Why Do States Expel?,” Meghan Garrity, PhD Student

Summer research project, Karen Nershi, PhD Student

“Politics and Socialization within the Universal Periodic Review of the UN,” Gino Pauselli, PhD Student

“Innovation & Inclusion in the Armed Forces,” Shira Pindyck, PhD Student

“The Role of Race in Understanding Modern History,” Gabriel Salgado, PhD Student

“Strategies of Peace & Conflict in Israeli & Palestinian Politics,” Nathaniel Shils, PhD Student

“The Political Economy of NGO Service Delivery: Evidence from a Downstream Field Experiment in Uganda,” Jeremy Springman, PhD Student

“Formation of Diasporic Foreign Policy Interest Groups & Institutions in the US,” Mikhail Strokan, PhD Student

“China’s Development Finance Model in Peru,” Scott Wingo, PhD Student

“Framing of Human Trafficking in the US Congress,” Sabrina Arias, PhD student in Political Science

“Do Hurricanes Change Climate Attitudes? Examining Changes in Opinion on International Climate Agreements,” Sabrina Arias, PhD student in Political Science

“Reputations and Negotiation,” Christopher Blair, PhD student in Political Science

“The Rally ‘Round the Troops Effect: How Casualties and Success Impact Approval of Military Operations,” Chris Chiego, PhD student in Political Science, Chris Liu, PhD student in Political Science

“Nation, Ethnicity, and Umma: Identities and State Collapse in the Syrian Conflict,” Victoria Gilbert, PhD student in Political Science

“The Civic Counterculture?: Attitudes Toward Democracy in the United States,” Guy Grossman, Assistant Professor in Political Science, Dorothy Kronick, Assistant Professor in Political Science, Matthew Levendusky, Associate Professor in Political Science, Marc Meredith, Associate Professor in Political Science

“Female Political Participation Among Migrant Women in India,” Rithika Kumar, PhD student in Political Science

“The New ‘China Puzzle’: How State Protection Enables Technology Firms to Thrive,” Siyao Li, PhD student in Political Science

“Regimes of Inequality: The Politics of Health and Wealth in Europe,” Julia Lynch, Associate Professor in Political Science

“How do Major Powers Signal Support to their Allies? The Domestic and International Logics of Military Signaling,” Casey Mahoney, PhD student in Political Science

“The Politics of Military Reform: Explaining Changes in Military Recruitment,” Max Margulies, PhD student in Political Science

Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM) Summer Research Institute, Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis, Karen Nershi, PhD student in Political Science

“Understanding Argentina’s Human Rights Foreign Policy: The Role of Public Officials, the Military, and Civil Society,” Gino Pauselli, PhD student in Political Science