Speaker Series

The Browne Center sponsors an annual speaker series in which leading scholars present recent research on international relations. Unless otherwise stated, all presentations begin at 12 pm in the Forum, Ronald O. Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics, 133 S. 36th Street, at the University of Pennsylvania.

Upcoming Speaker Series

Christina J. Schneider

University of California San Diego
Mar 14, 2024 at

Priscilla Torres

Wellesley College
Apr 11, 2024 at

Jessica Chen Weiss

Cornell University
May 2, 2024 at

Past Speaker Series

Effectiveness-Escalation Trade Off: Difficulties in the Use of Economic Statecraft

Mariya Grinberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dec 7, 2023 - at

Thinking Locally, Acting Globally: The Domestic Legitimacy of the US Federal Reserve as a Global Governor

Aditi Sahasrabuddhe, Brown University
Nov 16, 2023 - at

Managing the Contradictions of the Liberal International Order

Jack Snyder, Columbia University
Oct 26, 2023 - at

Liberals were once accustomed to viewing their social order as a set of mutually reinforcing rules and practices in which all good things go together.  In the past two…

Do Dollars Make Sense? How Russian Savers Responded to Sanctions

Daniel McDowell & David A. Steinberg
Syracuse University & Johns Hopkins University
Oct 12, 2023 - at

Arming Costs Humanity More Than War

Andrew J. Coe, Vanderbilt University
Sep 21, 2023 - at

Engaging with Victorious Rebels: International Leverage and Lack Thereof in Taliban Afghanistan

Romain Malejacq, Radboud University
Mar 21, 2023 - at

Deep Roots: Globalization and the Persistence of US Populism

Helen V. Milner, Princeton University
Mar 2, 2023 - at

Good News and Bad News: International Law, Public Opinion, and Human Security

Charli Carpenter, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Feb 23, 2023 - at

The Politics of Hybridity in Global Policymaking

Vincent Pouliot, McGill University
Feb 2, 2023 - at

The Enduring Relevance of Spheres of Influence

Lindsey O'Rourke, Boston College
Jan 19, 2023 - at