2011-12 Speakers

Randall Stone, University of Rochester
"Vote Buying in the UN General Assembly"

Jacob Shapiro, Princeton University
"Talking About Killing: Cell Phones, Collective Action, and Insurgent Violence in Iraq"

David Leblang, University of Virginia
"Harnessing the Diaspora: Dual Citizenship, Migrant Remittances and Return"

Matthew Fuhrmann, University of South Carolina
"Atomic Assistance: How Atoms for Peace Become Atoms for War"

Ashley Leeds, Rice University
"To Concede or To Resist?  The Restraining Effect of Military Alliances"
Co-authored with Songying Fang and Jesse Johnson

Jon Pevehouse, University of Wisonconsin-Madison
"An Opportunity Cost Theory of U.S. Treaty Behavior"

Devesh Kapur, The University of Pennsylvania; Kishore Gawande, Texas A&M; & Shanker Satyanath, New York University
"Income Shocks and Conflict in the Indian Naxal Belt"

Dan Nexon, Georgetown University
"We Are All Georgians Now: Symbolic Capital, Trust, and Authority Under Hierarchy"
Co-authored with Alexander Cooley

Beth Simmons, Harvard University
"The Global Diffusion of Law: Transnational Crime and the Case of Human Trafficking"
Co-authored with Paulette Lloyd and Brandon M. Stewart

Etel Solingen, University of California, Irvine
"Dilemmas of Nonproliferation Statecraft"
Based on findings from Sanctions, Statecraft, and Nuclear Proliferation