2015-16 Speakers

Michael Barnett, George Washington University
"Paternalism Beyond Borders"

Karen Adams, University of Montana (Joint with The Center for the Study of Contemporary China)
"Back to Bipolarity: Structural-Realist Theory and the Rise of China"

Sheena Greitens, University of Missouri
"Dictators and Their Secret Police: Coercive Institutions and State Violence"

Judy Goldstein, Stanford University
"Opening the American Market: Rules, Norms and Bargaining in the GATT"

Monica Duffy Toft, University of Oxford (Joint with Perry World House)
"Death by Demography: Population Shifts and State Collapse"

Paul Staniland, University of Chicago (Joint with the Center for the Advanced Study of India)
"Armed Politics: Violence, Order, and the State in Southern Asia."

David Lake, University of California San Diego
"Hegemony, Hierarchy and World Order: Lessons from Theory and History for China”