2012-13 Speakers

Bob Powell, University of California at Berkeley
"Nuclear Brinkmanship and Military Power"

Emilie Hafner Burton, University of California at San Diego
"A Behavioral Approach to International Cooperation"

Elizabeth Saunders, George Washington University
"The Electoral Disconnection in U.S. Foreign Policy"

Sara Croco, University of Maryland
"Willing and Able: Culpability, Vulnerability, and Leaders' Sensitivity to War Outcomes"

David Bearce, University of Colorado at Boulder
"Do Finite Duration Provisions Reduce International Bargaining Delay? Real-World Evidence on the Fearon Dilemma"

Susan Hyde, Yale University
"The Micro-Level Consequences of Democracy Promotion: A Field Experiment in Rurual Cambodia"

Krzysztof Pelc, McGill University
"Shaping Precedent in International Trade Law: A Social Network Application"

Leslie Johns, University of California at Los Angeles
"Fear of Crowds in WTO Disputes: Why Don't More Countries Join as Third Parties"