2006-07 Speakers

Richard Ned Lebow, Dartmouth College
“Recognition, Honor and Standing: A Paradigm of Politics Recognition"

Marc Trachentenberg, UCLA
“Diplomatic History and International Relations"

Alexander Cooley, Barnard College and Columbia University
“The Politics of Overseas U.S. Basing Agreements: Domestic Political Change and the Contestation of Security Contracts”

Marc Busch, Georgetown University
“Three's a Crowd: Third Parties and WTO Dispute Settlement”

Ian Shapiro, Yale University
“Containment: Rebuilding a Strategy against Global Terror”

Kenneth Schultz, Stanford University
“War as an Enforcement Problem: Interstate Conflict over Rebel Support in Civil Wars”

Alexander Downes, Duke University
“War by Other Means: Mass Killing and Civilian Casualties in Interstate Wars”