2005-06 Speakers

Thomas J. Christensen, Princeton University
“Fostering Stability or Creating a Monster? The Rise of China and U.S. Policy Toward Asia” 

David Leblang, University of Colorado
“Pegs and Politics: The Political Consequences of Exchange Rate Policy”

Michael Barnett, University of Minnesota
“Humanitarianism Transformed”

Robert Kaufman, Rutgers University
“Devils and Duct Tape: Terrorism and the Dynamics of Threat Exaggeration”

John Mueller, Ohio State University
“While Danger Gather: Congressional Checks on Presidential War Powers”

John Pevehouse, University of Wisconsin 
“The Consequences of China's Economic Rise for Sino-U.S. Relation: Rivalry, Political Conflict, and (Not) War”

Jonathan Kirshner, Cornell University
“The Non-Proliferation "NON" Treaty vs. Global Deterrence of Nuclear Weapons Use”

Sherman Frankel, Professor Emeritus University of Pennsylvania (Physics)